A Relocation Guide for Those Planning to Move Out of State


Moving to a new state is an exciting, yet challenging endeavor. On the one hand, it is a chance to explore new opportunities, embrace unique cultures and experience a fresh start. On the other hand, you’ll need to manage a host of time-sensitive activities such as finding a new home, hiring packers and movers, exploring your new neighborhood, and more. In this article by the R. Alexa Group, we’ll explore a step-by-step process you can follow to have a smooth and successful relocation experience.

Start Your Home Search Early

Finding, visiting, and closing a property can take anywhere between a few weeks to months. Hence, it’s important to start your home search as early as possible and focus on the following aspects:

  • Determine Your Budget: Updater notes that the first crucial step of relocation is to assess your finances and establish a sound budget that covers all important costs of purchasing a home, hiring movers, transportation, and an emergency fund, as reported by Updater. Additionally, ascertain the amount of downpayment you can afford and make a visit to your financial advisor to start the process of getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

  • Research Neighborhoods: An ideal neighborhood will have a low crime rate, great accessibility by public transport, and be centrally located, making it easy to access key amenities such as recreation centers, hospitals, restaurants, and more. Additionally, if you’re a parent, look for a neighborhood located in a good school district or close to the best colleges/universities in the area.

Research Your New Cost of Living

While some moving-related expenses will be a one-time cost, you’ll also need to factor in how to continually afford your new cost of living. For instance, if you’re moving to Bellaire, Texas, research shows that its grocery prices are 10% higher than the national average and healthcare is 5% lower according to Best Places. Additionally, the current median selling prices tands at $864,140, which is higher than other prominent Texas cities such as Dallas and Greater Houston.

If buying a home right off the bat is not the ideal option for you and your family, renting is always a great open. While renting does involve the prospect of moving again in the near future, on the flip side it provides the opportunity to explore various neighbors, understand what life is like as a local, and then make an informed decision regarding permanent accommodation.

Consider Starting A Business

If making a fresh start is one of the prime reasons for your relocation, starting a business should be one of the prime options to consider. Your new location can provide a host of opportunities to serve the local community and start a successful small business. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind:

  • Create a Business Plan: Info Entrepreneurs advises crafting a comprehensive business plan that outlines key aspects of your business such as its mission, information on product offerings, marketing strategy, and more.

  • Find The Best Channel to Sell: Along with e-commerce, look to form partnerships with existing local businesses as this is the best way to introduce your brand to local customers and build a strong foundation from the get-go.

Visit Your New Location

While relocating always involves an aspect of adjustment and risk, visiting the location before moving can soothe most of your worries and unanswered questions. While shortlisting homes, make time to visit the properties in person, along with the following activities:

  • Embrace local culture by participating in local events, festivals and visiting other entertainment attractions.

  • Explore various neighborhoods to get a sense of how the city/town is structured, and talk to locals about the best areas to visit, restaurants to eat at, and the fun things to do year-round.

Moving to a new state might be challenging, but it offers a host of exciting opportunities. By starting your home search early, and understanding the cost of living, you’ll be able to develop a sound relocation plan. Additionally, remember to visit the locations prior to moving, to educate yourself on local culture and your future home.

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