What You Need to Know About Moving for Work

Quick tips on how to enjoy a stress-free move when you’re ready to pursue a new opportunity.

If you’ve never moved your family before, you may get overwhelmed quickly. And, when you’re moving for your job, there are even more things to keep in mind beyond finding a house. Today, R. Alexa Real Estate Group offers a few things you might miss in the hustle and bustle.

Your realtor can do much of the work for you.

When you partner with R. Alexa Real Estate Group, they can help you in many ways throughout your home search. Your agent can help you keep an eye out for homes in your price range and even contact builders of new construction properties on your behalf.

Not every home will meet your needs.

If you’re moving to Houston for the first time, it would be easy to assume that the $208 per square foot to buy, as reported in the Houston Business Journal, gets you just about everything you could need in a living space. You will likely get more home for the money than if you’re moving from somewhere like California or New York. But, don’t back down on your needs, and, especially if you work for yourself, make sure that you can find a home with extra space to use as a home office.

Buying is usually cheaper than renting.

Throughout much of the country, it’s cheaper to buy a home than it is to rent. Even when you consider that you have to put 3% or more down, rental expenses add up quickly. Rent-to-own giant Aaron’s says that renting comes with more than a dozen fees you may not consider, including parking, smaller spaces, extra amenities, and the cost of moving your belongings upstairs. Plus, you’ll have to pay a pet fee if you’re bringing a furry family member along.

You need a moving plan.

Moving is always a hassle, but moving to another state when you’re planning to change jobs, enroll children in school, and start a brand-new life requires planning. From hiring the right moving company to turning on the utilities, your best bet is to sit down and make a list of everything that you’ll need to get done before you relocate. You can get many things handled ahead of time so that there will be that much less on your mind on day one of your new job.

Whether you’re moving across town or from another state, hiring a professional moving company is your best bet, a process that starts with finding the right movers. This is made easy by going online and searching for local moving companies via service directories. Be sure to read up on past customer reviews and ratings to ensure they are reliable, insured, and capable of handling the size of your move. Line up at least three companies for written quotes, and ask about their level of service – some are full-service movers, which handles virtually everything from packing to unpacking.

Don’t assume that you’re in the right school zone.

If you live in the city, you’ll likely be zoned for schools in Houston, Cypress, or Katy. However, if you’re in any of the outlying areas, you want to check the map closely to confirm your school district.

Make sure your new hometown has plenty of employment opportunities.

Most of Texas is full of jobs in the energy or technology sectors. However, there are plenty of other fast-growing job markets to be on the lookout for. A move to Texas might be smart if you are in occupational therapy, statistics, or healthcare. BestColleges.com also notes that operational analyst, market research, and healthcare are among the fastest-growing sectors throughout the state. Just something to keep in mind should you find yourself in need of another position after you move.

If you have yet to find a position with a company, there are a few things to consider. Before reaching out to potential employers, you can create a stellar and professional-looking resume by utilizing a free resume creator which is free and online. This tool allows you to choose from a library of professionally designed resume templates, which you then add your own copy, photos, colors, and images to customize to your liking.

Moving is a huge commitment for your new job and a massive undertaking for you and your family. But, you can take much of the burden off of your plate by putting some of the “heavy lifting” into your realtor’s hands. But, you still have your work cut out for you, and the tips above can help you make your move a positive experience for everyone in your caravan.


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