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The Right Way To Mix Wood Furniture

The Right Way To Mix Wood Furniture and Finishes: 6 Tips From Design Experts By Whitney Coy | Jul 17, 202Remember the days of rooms filled with matching wood tones—everything purchased from a matching set and displayed exactly as they were arranged in the furniture showroom? Thankfully, those days are long gone. The trend these days is more eclectic, and filling your rooms with a mix of wood...

Summer’s 5 Hottest Decor Trends Will Have You Staying at Home

By Larissa Runkle | Jun 26, 2020   OK, we'll admit that summer 2020 has been a bit of a buzzkill so far: Between derailed travel plans and being forced to spend more time stuck inside (for the fourth month in a row, and counting), it's not exactly the new decade we all dreamed of.But we're glass-half-full kind of people. And the silver lining of all this time at home means more time to decorate...

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