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How to Buy an Investment Property

Purchasing an investment property is a substantial decision with long-lasting effects. Owning an investment property has great potential, but it’s essential to approach the investment process with proper guidance. The first step will be to secure financing through a private lender or a more traditional mortgage loan through a bank. After securing funding, it’ll be vital to determine the most...

8730 Knute Street, Houston, TX 77028

8730 Knute Street, Houston, TX 77028 Listing Agent: Deidra Odom $65,500 Investor Special. Unoccupied. If you are looking for a fixer upper with multiple rental income stream potential - this is it! This property has 3 potential residences. #1 (2204 sf/appraisal district) #2 (704 Sf/appraisal district) and #3 (400 sf/appraisal district). This is a true fixer upper so you need a vision. The property is...

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