Important Security and Design Factors to Consider for Your Investment Property

Important Security and Design Factors
to Consider for Your Investment Property

More and more travelers are opting to stay at rental properties over hotels these days. While this is great news if you own an investment property, it also means that there is more competition on the market, which means that your property needs to shine among the others if you want to keep it occupied on a consistent basis.

One major way to improve your guest experience and attract new visitors is to upgrade the security and design of the property. Some of these upgrades will require a significant investment up front, whereas others are relatively inexpensive. Nonetheless, all of them can give you a solid return on your investment. If you’re looking to enhance your investment property, consider making the changes we’ve outlined below.

Home Security

Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to an investment property. After all, who wants to stay at a place that doesn’t have a quality security system? But securing your property isn’t just important for your guest’s safety; it also provides you with peace of mind.

Research different home security systems that fit within your budget so that you can keep tabs on the property while you’re away. This is especially helpful if you don’t live near the property. Look for a smart system, or at least elements of a smart system (e.g., surveillance cameras, a doorbell camera, window/door sensors, etc.), that allows you to monitor the interior and exterior of your rental property through your smartphone or tablet. Then, you can rest assured that your guests and your investment are being kept safe.

Furnishing and Decorating

You want to make sure you have quality furniture and decorations in your rental home. Consider mixing up styles with both vintage and new items. Go to antique stores to hunt for beautiful vintage trinkets such as books, trays, artwork, and textiles. For new items, look to stores like Crate and Barrel, which has an impressive selection of top-notch furniture and decor that will boost the appeal of each room in your investment property. Since shopping at this retailer can often be expensive, look for a Crate and Barrel promo code to help you save a little money.

New Countertops

Quality countertops will set you back a little bit, but they can transform a kitchen, and they typically add significantly to a home’s overall value. You have several options when it comes to countertops, from granite to wood to tile. One of the most popular kinds, however, are quartz countertops, as they look great and have a long lifespan. When a professional comes to install quartz countertops, the process usually requires several steps, such as leveling the cabinets, putting in supports, cutting and finishing the countertops, and joining the seams with epoxy. Expect to pay an average of $125 per square foot for installation and materials.

New Floors

If your investment property has carpet on the floors, you will want to consider removing it. Yes, carpet is cheap and it can add insulation to a room, but it’s also high-maintenance and typically doesn’t look as nice as some of the alternatives. The most popular type of flooring among tenants is hardwood floors. However, these are expensive. Consider going with laminate flooring, which can give the appearance of hardwood floors but is a much less expensive option. Plus, laminate flooring is durable and very easy to clean and maintain.

Enhancing the security and design of your rental home will help ensure it becomes — and remains — a good investment. Remember to find a quality security system, and look to quality stores like Crate and Barrel for your furnishing and decorating needs. Also, consider adding new countertops and floors to the home. Making your investment property safer and more comfortable will go a long way in attracting guests and keeping them coming back.

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