What to Know Before Working With a Land Broker

Selling your land is a big undertaking. Once you’ve assessed the value of your property, the next and most important step is finding a good broker. A brokerage company is vital to getting your land in front of as many potential buyers as possible, and they play a huge role in the process of selling your land.

But, there are a handful of things you should know about any broker before you decide to work with them. In case you want to sell your land for a great price and without too much trouble, let’s take a look at what you need to know before working with a land broker.

  1. What Kind of Presence Do They Have?

These days, selling land is all about presence. Marketing presence is everything because 99% of land buyers are searching online to find land for sale. Do some research to see what kind of online presence a company has before moving forward with them.

A company that makes dedicated marketing efforts towards land investors is going to have a bigger reach than a company that just has a website up and nothing else. Event sponsorship, digital, and print advertising are all great signs of a multi-pronged strategy for improving a company’s reach.

  1. How Do They Work with Other Companies?

In the real estate industry, everyone is pretty much connected to everyone else, at least within the local market. Some companies do prefer to remain isolated and only get by on the fruits of their own efforts, but this is a losing strategy long-term.

What a land broker gains in the short-term from blocking other companies’ agents’ attempts to showcase their land is only beneficial to their bottom line, and won’t help you sell your land any faster.

Ask a broker how they interact with other local brokerage companies, and if they’re willing to pass along clients amongst each other. If your broker plays well with others, that’s all the more qualified clients who’ll see your property for sale.

  1. How Enthusiastic Are They?

How much detail do they get into when discussing your land? Do you feel as if they’re playing along with you and your valuation of your property, or do they come across more like straight shooters?

If a brokerage company is just going through the motions and appeasing you at every turn to get you to list your land with them, it might be a bad sign. While no company wants to let a potential client get away without a fight, some brokers put all their effort into reeling you in and put up a sub-par effort once they have you locked down.

There’s a Lot to Consider before Choosing a Land Broker

Don’t just list your land with the first land brokerage company you see, you need a hard-working company who will get your land sold fast, for a good price. When scouting potential brokers, run through this list and make sure they check all the right boxes before listing with them. Doing so will help make sure your sale goes a lot more smoothly.




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