Maximizing Home Value: The Top Smart Upgrades for a High ROI Renovation

With the advent of easily accessible online content and around-the-clock reality programming, it is safe to say that the country has gotten home improvement fever in recent years. Whether it be simple DIY projects or more extensive professional renovations, homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to create the proverbial dream home. However, while regular renovation is an important aspect of maintaining the home’s safety and functionality, not all projects are home runs in terms of value added. With this in mind, keep reading as we explore some of the top upgrades for a high ROI home renovation!

Kitchen Countertops

There is an old adage among realtors that kitchens sell homes. While there is ample evidence to back this up, not all kitchen renovations are created equal in terms of ROI. Shifting workplace and family dynamics have left homeowners less time than ever to attend to cleaning and maintenance tasks, so renovations that provide ease-of-use features are the smart way to go. A great place to start is with the countertops. Nonporous options, such as engineered quartz and solid surface, are easy to clean with a wet wipe and do not require sealing. For additional utility, look into heated countertop options. Not only can they keep food warm while other parts of a meal finish cooking, but they can help soften sticky messes during cleaning. 

New Windows

There are a number of reasons why window projects top many lists of high ROI renovations. First, they can greatly boost the curb appeal of the home, giving the property a new set of “eyes” that will immediately captivate onlookers. In addition, new windows can more effectively seal the building envelope, helping shore up cracks and crevices that had taken root in the previous windows. This can stop unwanted air transfer and improve the energy efficiency of the home. Finally, new windows better transmit natural sunlight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and creating a more welcoming ambience for the home’s interior. 

Statement Flooring

One area where it is never advisable to go cheap during a renovation is the flooring. Inferior flooring creates a tacky aspect that is immediately noticeable to visitors. As such, elegant flooring options such as solid hardwood and porcelain tile have always been a better choice than lower cost products such as carpet or vinyl. While the upfront cost is higher for classier flooring options, they are much more durable and boost the resale value of the property, helping homeowners recoup value over time. One other trending material that is making a statement in home flooring projects is 12×12 deck tiles. This rustic wood flooring provides an ideal option for kitchens, entryways, and balconies for homeowners looking to leverage the current biophilic design trend. 

Modern Garage Door

Garage door projects are some of the most lucrative renovations a homeowner can undertake. A new garage door can instantly improve the home’s curb appeal, boost its energy efficiency, fortify the safety, and produce a quieter living environment. With professional installation, many garage door replacements can be completed in less than a day, giving homeowners a quick means of boosting their property value without getting bogged down in ongoing remodeling efforts.

Functional Exteriors

Modern exteriors must not only boost curb appeal but serve as additional functional living space for the property. This can provide residents with a much-needed change of scenery and help leverage the positive endorphins that being outdoors triggers. Some ways to create functional exterior space include an outdoor covered kitchen, a deck with a pass-through window to the home’s interior, and firepit encased with a louvered pergola. 

Weather-Resistant Roofing

In addition to being a primary driver of curb appeal, the roof is the home’s first line of defense against the forces of nature. And with extreme weather events striking the country with greater frequency in the era of climate change, it is imperative that the roof be up to the task. This is especially true in the Texas Gulf Coast region, where residents are all too familiar with the impact of hurricane-force wind. Composite roofing products are some of the best for withstanding extreme weather. Made from a mixture of recycled glass, asphalt, and plastic polymers, composite roofing shingles come with the highest wind, fire, and impact ratings on the market and can be manufactured in a wide range of attractive styles to boost the aesthetics of any home. 

Stunning Accents

The little things can make a major difference when it comes to home renovation, with seemingly minor projects complementing the rest of the home to perfection. A few ways to maximize these smaller accent projects include installing crown moulding for kitchen cabinets, adding led handrail lighting to warm stairwells and hallways, and implementing black metal drawer pulls and fixtures to give a touch of class to cabinetry and appliances. 

The Smartest Renovations for High ROI

Although it is important to regularly renovate your home and not let it fall into a state of disrepair, homeowners must be meticulous in choosing the right projects if they want to maximize ROI. By carefully considering any of the 7 projects listed above, homeowners can get a leg up on the competition and complete renovations that have the most value on the market. For more of the latest real estate and home renovation trends shaping southeast Texas, explore the resources at R. Alexa Real Estate Group for the leading insights in the region!


Author Bio:

Natalie Akins is a freelance writer that loves sharing her knowledge and expertise in interior design and remodeling. She also has a background in the Hospitality and Real Estate Industry. She lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and decorating with her children. Natalie’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource site.

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